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Obituary: Robert Downey Jnr, Actor, Drug Addict and charming womaniser
[Edition 38] Hollywood mourns one of its own today, as controversial actor, Robert Downey Jnr was pronounced DOA at a
Man grateful to receive spam email
[Edition 38] HOBART, Friday: A lonely Hobart man said he was excited yesterday to receive an email in his Hotmail
National Gallery pays $8m for Hustler centrefold
[Edition 38] CANBERRA, Monday: The National Gallery of Australia has purchased a rare back-issue centrefold from the US magazine Hustler,
Addict stops using smack after talk with parents
"We called our son into the living room, sat him down and suggested that he stop using heroin. He said ‘ok’, and that was it. Problem solved.”
Nitschke’s euthanasia ship hits iceberg, delights passengers
[Edition 37] DARWIN, Monday: Euthanasia fanatic Dr Philip Nitschke has claimed that his new cruise ship will become the new
Obituary: Rex Hunt, Football star, Entertainer, Fishing Show Host and Cultural Reference Point
[Edition 36] Never a modest man, Hunt none the less was, in private, a vastly different person to the gauche
BUSH PLEA TO CHINA: “Please don’t embarrass me in front of dad”
[Edition 36] WASHINGTON, Friday: US President George W. Bush has personally intervened to quell the diplomatic row between the United
Howard cuts beer price to get voters drunk enough to re-elect him
[Edition 35] CANBERRA, Tuesday: Prime Minister John Howard has agreed to cut the excise on beer, in the hope cheaper
Jury dismissed after hearing Puff Daddy’s music: ‘No chance of fair trial’
[Edition 35] NEW YORK, Wednesday: GKNY, a community access radio station in New York, has been criticised by a Federal
Trendy share household takes down Tarantino poster
[Edition 35] SYDNEY, Sunday: The film-literate tenants of a Surry Hills terrace have agreed to remove the “Reservoir Dogs” movie