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New Iraqi government inaugurated with 21 car bomb salute
The first and last democratic Iraqi government in generations has been formed after months of political wrangling, making the parliament
Beaconsfield miners face media contingent, ask to be buried again
Miners Brant Webb and Todd Russell have asked to be returned to their cage a kilometre underground after facing the
Iran gets nukes: US invades Iraq again
The United States has warned Iran that unless it suspends its uranium enrichment program, there would be severe consequences –
Pope’s Easter message sends goodwill to all except gays, abortionists, Dan Brown
Pope Benedict XI has delivered his first Easter message, following Catholic tradition by issuing a heavily qualified call for peace
Female ad exec brought out to defend sexist ad
Thirty-one-year-old account manager Jana Verkovic has been given a rare public role defending her company, cutting-edge advertising agency Fresh Juice,
Blog abandoned after five entries
"Sorry I've been so slack lately"
‘Bert’s Family Feud’ reinvigorates euthanasia debate
Television legend Bert Newton’s unseemly descent into mediocrity has led to calls for him to be allowed to prematurely his
McDonald’s worker tries to “gangsta up” his uniform
Sixteen year-old Dapto hoodlum Brett Waterton has slowly customised his standard McDonald’s uniform to reflect American hip-hop culture. Working within the
CEO given massive bonus for not sending company bankrupt
The head of a key technology business was granted a massive bonus yesterday to recognise his performance in not running
Dan Brown asks plagiarism accusers if they’ve got any ideas for a sequel
Da Vinci Code novelist Dan Brown has asked the writers of Holy Blood, Holy Grail whether they have any other