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Lost mountain-climber already envisioning book deal
"I might even get to meet the guys from 60 minutes!"
Iraq win Asian Cup: celebratory gunfire to continue indefinitely
"No team has more experience with shootouts"
Text message lacks nuance
Man yet to find situation not covered by Simpsons quote
"Worst. Person. Ever."
Middle East crisis worsens: Blair to get involved
The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has taken up a new role as a special envoy in the Middle
Strip club less classy than ad promised
"They didn't say anything about the tacky modern art prints or cheap carpet that's obviously designed to hide vomit stains."
Judge rules Paris is “in” this season
"This season it'll be stripes."
Attempt to start standing ovation unsuccessful
A concert-goer has tried and failed to single-handedly rouse his fellow audience members to a standing ovation
Blair exit ends 28 years of conservative rule
"Maybe now we'll see some power returned to trade unions, welfare reform and a government that isn't in lockstep with Republican warmongers."
Girl suspects Tom from MySpace not fully committed to friendship
MySpace user Emily Lee, 14, says she feels neglected by her new friend, the company's CEO Tom Anderson