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Berlusconi seeks “urgent summit” with Megan Fox
"Megan will be treated with the utmost respect," Berlusconi added. "I will pay her 30,000 Euros."
New Zealand moves 30cm closer to Australia, applies for dole
A recent earthquake has shifted New Zealand 30cm closer to Australia, the second phase of a long-term plan to connect
Freemasons take up rotating EU Shadow Presidency
The Grand and Ancient Order of Freemasons has taken over the European Union for a three year period
Socially responsible redneck switches to hybrid monster truck
“In my job, the dangers we face are very real. But no death-dealing machine has terrified me as much as the threat we face from climate change"
Unis axe philosophy departments for failing to find answers
“To have a 100% fail rate on your answer rate is unacceptable under our latest result-oriented guidelines”