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Merry Christmas
“It combines my love of Christmas with my hatred of people who don’t look like me.&#
Dr. Google
“Scalpel… Google&#
Pipeline to success
"We don't have a plumber budget but we'd love to feature your work in our bathrooms."
The Chaser’s War on Everything – Muslim Poll
Donald Trump has declared that Muslims should be banned from entering the US. Charles Firth investigates why he's still leading in the polls
Union boss charged with using effective negotiating tactics
Union leader John Setka has been caught red-handed using effective negotiating tactics against a large construction company
Credit: magicinfoto / Shutterstock
University Opens “Blanchett Campus”: Specialising in Everything
Cate Blanchett has unveiled a new university campus catering to the growing need for celebrities to comment on everything
Credit: ChameleonsEye / Shutterstock
Man with Muslim-sounding name kills 10 in violent workplace massacre
Another workplace killing has left 10 dead after a brutal drone attack was carried out from the assailant's workplace in Washington
CNNNN – A Chaser Affair
A Chaser Affair with Mitch Martin brings you hard-hitting journalism. Originally aired as part of CNNNN Series 1 and
The Chaser’s War on Everything – Hillary Clinton Intern
We all know Hillary Clinton has had troubles with interns in the past. But that didn’t stop The Chaser¬†from sending
The Chaser’s War on Everything – Muslim Poll
The Chaser’s Charles Firth takes to the streets of the USA to conduct a Muslim Poll. His aim? To find