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Ghost of Christmas Future refuses to visit Donald Trump
This follows the infamous spirit’s comments last week that he has seen Donald Trump’s possible future as President and has “given the fuck up”
#ChaserUSA Blog 03: “Washington On Our Side”
The night of the third Presidential debate and it turns out Aussies in tshirts in a French-style bar stick out like Aussies in tshirts in a French-style bar
We profile Leonard Jost, the actor who’s been playing Donald Trump this whole time
A year ago he was a little known actor on the off-Broadway scene. Then the role of a lifetime threw him to international fame. Today the actor behind the Donald J Trump character speaks out
#ChaserUSA Blog 02: “Mark Donald as Spam”
In which Martin's suitcase makes its way across America and finally back into safe hands
BREAKING: Nasty woman pays taxes
The nasty woman from Arkansas has paid her federal income tax, in a move that is sure to upset small business owners nationwide
#ChaserUSA Blog 01: “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Refreshments”
The Chaser arrives in the USA: A tale of lost luggage, Prozac and Ted Danson
NT News hire actual Crocodile to writing staff
Estuary insider hired to help tip the scales
Mexico to start selling front row tickets to the fall of the American Empire
Never has the cultural and economic collapse of a superpower been so entertaining. And Mexico is yet another stakeholder that has decided to cash in
Trump campaign set to hire Australian ‘misogyny expert’
Anonymous Aussie set to advise on women and raw onions
Donald Trump always says exactly what he means except for that thing about the sex crime
"There aren't 'countless' accusations against him. That's ridiculous. There are nine."