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Trump Campaign Press Release: Yet another woman admits to grabbing Donald Trump’s hand with her vagina, breasts
In a press release from Donald Trump's campaign office today, another woman has come forward with allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards the billionaire presidential candidate. According to the statement, the woman explains in detail an event in 1995 when she allegedly sexually assaulted Mr Trump at a party in Chicago by "grabbing his hand with her pussy"
Announcing the winner of The 2016 Media Super Scholarship to cover the US elections
Up and coming Brisbane filmmaker Martin Ingle has been awarded the inaugural Media Super Chaser Scholarship
Two creepy clowns scare millions during TV broadcast
Two terrifying, face-painted and angry-looking jesters hijacked television screens across the globe for 90 minutes last night
Local Cronulla muslim mistakes NRL celebration for another race riot
Long-time Cronulla residents suffered a severe case of deja vu upon finding the streets littered with drunken anglo revelers after the NRL grand final on Sunday night
Turnbull dreams of one day holding power
PM Malcolm Turnbull spent the entire day today wandering the halls of parliament imagining what it would be like to hold power in Australia
Local drunk denounces Muslim immigration mid-kebab
"Imagine if this Aussie kebab shop went under because it had to compete with some immigrant's food shop across the road. It's just not right."
Pet snake decides to let owner live another day
Local pet python Carlos has decided to let his owner Trent Smith live another day
Brad concedes custody of kids to Angelina: “I can always buy more”
Late last night Brad Pitt conceded full custody to Angelina Jolie, shrugging off the loss, stating, “I can always buy more.”
Factional heavyweights relieved Conroy can spend more time with his daughter
The heavyweights say they are glad Conroy listened to their suggestion that he think about his family before making any rushed decisions
Amnesty branch captures and tortures lazy letter writer
GLEBE, Friday: Police are investigating claims that the Glebe branch of Amnesty International has captured and tortured a member whose