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Australian Republic “Very Un-Australian” Says Tony Abbott
"There's nothing more Australian than being a foreign member of government."
New documentary released ‘A look back at Diana : 1000 documentaries ago’
The documentary takes a look back at the thousand documentary pieces that have defined and redefined Diana's life
Local Man starts planning next holiday after saving up 14 dollars in bank account
"After all that stress of paying off the last holiday off I really deserve a bit of rest and relaxation."
Canavan Exclaims “Mi scusci I’m not Italian”
Mamma Mia! What an accusation!
Foreign bludger caught rorting government of $30 million welfare despite secret billions
It's a national disgrace
Putin says this Friday’s poker night with Trump and the guys totally off the table
Vladimir used the group Whatsapp chat to let the others know he wasn't feeling up to it this week, although he offered little other detail
“Trans soldiers are a drain on taxpayers” tweets public servant sitting in gold draped office
"That $3 million a year for trans healthcare is just downright unaffordable" says the man who's spent $30 million of taxpayers money on golf trips this year
Surfing really helps clear man’s mind of any thoughts that aren’t about sharks
"I feel like I'm getting back to nature, as if I could be eaten by an apex predator any moment."
Family viewing Game of Thrones awkwardly pushes through three minute cunnilingus scene
"We could have fast forwarded through it, but that would have meant making eye contact."
Trump pretends not to know English to avoid talking to son
Taking a lesson from Japanese First Lady Akie Abe, Trump told Don Jr "Pardonei, no hablo Engish"