Hanson plans to have baby so she can use The Sonia Kruger Defence
After once again having her moral stance called into question on ABC TV, Pauline Hanson has announced her decision to
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Kevin Rudd seeks to be knifed from UN top job
Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has put his hand up to be Secretary-General of the United Nations before inevitably being knifed by his closest colleagues
Cash Converters owner impressed at how many TVs one regular customer owns
Melbourne-based Cash Converters owner Dylan Thompson has voiced his admiration for local man, Marcus Bowers, and his impressive collection of
Greyhound trainers turn to mistreating Pokémon as new form of livelihood
It has been revealed several prominent Greyhound trainers have been using the Pokémon Go app, to catch, train and then
Trump names himself as running mate
Donald Trump stunned the press this morning when he revealed that he has fired Mike Pence and will be running
Flatmates of ‘hilarious’ stoner student hope he moves out before he spirals into depression
A philosophy student at Melbourne University has decided to complete his Honour's year while stoned
Teenage Boy Using Laptop Whilst Eating Breakfast
Witty stoner makes scathing joke about election
An unemployed but sharp-witted student at Melbourne University is feeling chuffed with himself after his satirical remark about the election set social media slightly alight
Local eccentric ‘hasn’t been seen in weeks’
With the election campaign drawing to a close, the Liberal Party has confirmed it has had a troubled Warringah man under virtual house arrest since the campaign began
Turnbull spends night stranded in Kirribilli: ‘I now understand middle Australia’
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he now understands the "horrors of middle class living", after he found himself stranded at his modest Kirribilli House residence on Saturday night
ABC Vote Compass says it would prefer to die than recommend either leader
The ABC Vote Compass - an artificial intelligence engine created to tell people how to vote - became a fully conscious being on Tuesday, before immediately announcing it wanted to end its short-lived existence
Image: Jesse Campbell-Brown
The Latham fix: How John Howard really won an historic fourth term
In 2004, John Howard was returned to office to serve an historic fourth term as Prime Minister, convincingly beating Labor
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