#ChaserUSA Blog 03: “Washington On Our Side”
Charles Firth and James Schloeffel do a totally realistic live cross back to Kochie in Sunrise in Australia.

We decided that on the night of the third and final debate on Wednesday we should without a doubt be in Washington DC.

It was only a simple Google of “Washington DC Debate Parties” that directed us to a bar in in the centre of Washington DC called Sax, which promised a night of drinking and debate watching, sponsored by a bunch of local young engineer and lawyer groups.

And we were in for a surprise. Aside from the fact that we showed up chronically underdressed (it turns out Aussies in tshirts in a French-style bar stick out like Aussies in tshirts in a French-style bar), this night was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

First of all, as you walk in you see this behind the host’s desk:


It’s just Palin, Obama, Putin and Kim Jong Un taking a selfie.

So needless to say, this bar wasn’t conservative. Which, after a few days travelling through Trump country and going to rallies in North Carolina was a nice change of pace.

It’s strange how in Australia our politics have much lower stakes. You might be able to find some who watched our last Prime Ministerial debate but I know more people who used it to self medicate their insomnia.

The Presidential debates here are real circuses. Take this bar in particular: Not only was it filled with cool (probably) Democrats drinking wine and cosmopolitans but the entire thing was LIVE PROJECTED onto a massive screen overlooking the whole damn space, turning this dimly lit boudoir into more of a 1920s vaudeville theatre.

It’s dark, but check this clip out:

Yeah. So clearly even the Republicans in that crowd weren’t Trump supporters.

The following day was a lot more touristy, which is the most boring goddam thing in the world so I’ll spare you. As Werner Herzog says: “Tourism is sin.”

But Charles and James did a live cross to Sunrise back in Aus, which looked like this:

And then we spent the rest of the day filming around famous Washington locations, which looked like this:

I got a bit teary at the Lincoln Memorial for a second too. Stupid damn freedom stuck in my eye.