I don’t get it. All my Facebook friends hate Donald Trump.


by Xander Muller

Founder, Colleges Campuses Against Corporate Neo Fascism


I joined the whole Western world in despair yesterday when Donald Trump defied all the odds and was elected as the next President of the United States.

But as I scrolled through my Facebook and Twitter feeds it didn’t make sense. Like any person who still has all their teeth (that’s my favorite joke about moronic Trump supporters), my social networks are stuffed full of intelligent, engaged, liberal minded friends. These are woke brothers and sisters who share my point of view that Donald Trump is the single greatest threat to democracy since the last GOP candidate.

But as I saw and shared the outrage and memes of my friends on Facebook, I watched the counting on MSNBC and saw state after state fall to Trump. There was clearly a discrepancy here that confused me.

I found myself asking the question: who are these people who voted for Donald Trump? I don’t know any. Whereas I personally know a few hundred who wrote in Bernie Sanders.

If only those millions of idiot rednecks who voted for Trump had access to a Facebook account like mine. Then they would see the truth. I know until the next election I will fight to try to get Facebook to those rural communities. You know in Texas and Minnesota and those sort of places. It’s just so sad that millions of people can’t be as educated as my circle of friends.

Is this really what a democracy is? When most people vote for a candidate who then wins?

It wouldn’t surprise me if the whole system is rigged. If only we had a candidate who shakes up the system, tells it like it is and is able to mobilise the silent majority against figures like Donald Trump.

But as the results started to sink in last night, I reached breaking point and I did what I thought I would never do. I closed my laptop, opened that bottle of 2003 Pinot Noir I’d been saving and got fashionably drunk while listening to Coltrane and tweeting.

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