Ghost of Christmas Future refuses to visit Donald Trump

The Ghost of Christmas Future has today announced that he will not be visiting Donald Trump this Christmas Eve to warn him of the terrible things to come.

This follows the infamous spirit’s comments last week that he has seen Donald Trump’s possible future as President and has “given the fuck up”.

His long time colleagues the Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present are disappointed with the choice.

“We had known for a while that Future wasn’t happy with this year’s choice of Scrooge. But this is our job. I think he needs to bury his face in his hood and bear it.”

The three have been visiting wealthy men in their dreams on Christmas Eve for almost 200 years. They have boasted changing the perspectives of many of society’s most awful people overnight, including Bill Gates and Russell Brand.

But the Ghost of Christmas Future’s press release this morning implies that he might be reaching the end of his tether.

“My job has usually involved just pointing at lonely graveyards while it snows. But this year I need to take Mr Trump to casinos and nuclear wastelands and I just don’t have the strength.”

So how will the Ghost spend the holidays?

“I’m thinking of going to Australia. I hear a summer Christmas is beautiful and I need some time to rethink my life. I’ve also been working on this hiphop concept album which I might drop soon.”

In the meantime the team of spirits are in need of a replacement for Future. They ask all interested to find the listing on and direct all other supporters to their recently launched Kickstarter campaign to help keep the Scrooge project going.