#ChaserUSA Blog 01: “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Refreshments”

Being the young guy on the Chaser USA trip, Charles really made it clear it was my gig to be “all millennial and stuff”. (Those were his actual words by the way. In between the Satanist chanting.) So watch this space for updates about the trip as we go.

So I arrived in the USA and American Airlines had lost my bag. For some reason they sent it to Atlanta. Which is awesome! Except I’m in North Carolina. Having no luggage wouldn’t be a huge issue except for the fact that I have a crippling mental illness that requires high doses of an antidepressant daily. (Oh yeah I should mention, I have OCD, which is exactly what you want when doing a job that involves shaking hands with strangers.)

While I was waiting to find out why my bag had made its way to Atlanta I saw Ted Danson also waiting in line at the airport. I didn’t say hello to him. I thought about saying he was great in the recent season of Fargo but to be honest I just wanted an excuse to get a photo with Ted Danson and post it here for the likes. I failed on both counts and I watched his gentle white locks cascade out through the arrivals hall and I was left with no Prozac, no clean underwear, and no photo of Ted Danson.

Which is a metaphor for my life.

(A huge thank you to Media Super for making this trip possible, too. If I wasn’t here I would be back in my sharehouse in Brisbane writing another email to my landlord explaining why I can’t pay rent. But now I can draft those emails from the USA.)