Mexico to start selling front row tickets to the fall of the American Empire
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and US Vice President Joe Biden agree to make the most of this catastrophe.

Never has the cultural and economic collapse of a superpower been so entertaining. And Mexico is yet another stakeholder that has decided to cash in.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto Announced today a joint entertainment scheme which will see the production of a gala festival giving spectators the chance at a front row seat to watch the spectacular and cataclysmic collapse of the American Empire.

In a partnership with LA based promoter Universal Events, the Mexican Department of Culture will fund a series of special concerts in the border towns of Juarez, Mexicali and Tijuana throughout 2017 as the United States descends into chaos and absurdity.

Minister for Culture Julio Angelo shook hands with concert headliners Radiohead, Common, and Carlos Santana at a press conference his morning announcing the project.

“These events are really one of a kind. We are thrilled to give people the world over the opportunity to see the crumbling of the American dream up close. And Mexico is specially positioned to do so.”

The construction of Donald Trump’s proposed border wall won’t halt the concerts. On the contrary, the Secretary to the Minister for Infrastructure has floated the idea of incorporating public use amphitheatres periodically along the wall.

“The inevitable mass riots and public disorder taking place all over the United States will be the perfect backdrop for these concerts. And we can certainly save on pyrotechnics too.”

The first gala concert will be simulcast on November 8 in HD on the Fox Network and is sure to be quite a show.

Martin Ingle is the 2016 Media Super Scholarship award winnermedia-super-logo-website