BREAKING: Nasty woman pays taxes
The nasty woman has been travelling the country boasting of her taxpaying.

A nasty woman from Arkansas has paid her federal income tax, in a shock move that is sure to upset small business owners nationwide.

According to reports in the Wall Street Journal and on, the woman has consistently reported and paid her taxes for her entire professional career.

These recent reports of her accurate and nasty record keeping of all income are in stark contrast to the tremendous actions of another man from New York who, consistent with the great American tradition, has neither reported nor paid any income tax.

Gary Wollis from the Tannen Foundation has today admonished the revelations about the nasty woman.

“This kind of shameful behaviour really exemplifies the place this country has come to. What kind of nasty woman would earn so much money and then have the gall to pay what she is legally obligated to?”

In response to our inquiry, IRS spokesman Sean Quincy emailed the Chaser with more information about the nature of her tax returns.

“Though we cannot officially comment on the details of this nasty woman’s taxes, at this point we can confirm that she is indeed paying them in the most hateful and vitriolic way possible.”

Such explanations mean little to Mr Wollis.

“We are talking about the difference between law and morality. Of course there’s nothing strictly illegal about paying your taxes. But to openly talk about it, and in fact criticise somebody who has always done everything to avoid this kind of thing is such nasty conduct for a citizen.”

The IRS estimates there could be as many as 250 million people paying taxes each year.