#ChaserUSA Blog 05: “Vaccinated Against Hillary Fever”

In contrast with Trump’s, there are a few things that really stick out about a Hillary Clinton rally.

The first thing to say is that crowd was much bigger. This was the biggest shock of all. The rally was held at a high school in Pittsburgh and when we arrived (probably an hour or two before) the line was already stretching down the street. As the afternoon went on, the line had extended around the corner, down the block, around the next corner and up a hill on the other side of the school.

Add to this the fact that is was cold and raining and you could say that Hillary’s supporters were putting a lot more on the line; but maybe that’s because they had a lot more to lose.

So we made our way around the line talking to people about their passion for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. And I gotta say, we were simply amazed at how energetic and exhilarating the atmosphere was there.

Okay, you got me. It was about as lively as a Google tech conference in Vegas; I mean it was cool, and undeniably impressive, but unless you are dressed in sneakers and slacks you’d rather just play the pokies.

We even tried to get her supporters in the same sort of spirit that we saw at the Trump rally just a day or two before. We wanted them to practice some chants:

But no dice.

The truth is as far as I could tell Clinton supporters were much more bland people. Like me I suppose. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I felt much more comfortable there.

It seems like maybe Trump supporters are louder, but Hillary supporters are more. It’s easy to believe that Trump has a huge majority behind him but this is probably distorted because of how much media coverage he gets.

After all, it’s way more interesting to film somebody running around a parking lot with a flag than it is thousands of people standing in the rain for hours. And trust me on that, because we had to do both.

At the end of the day Charles Firth was the only one of us to get in to the damn thing. And when he saw Clinton speak he was riveted:

Meanwhile, James Schloeffel and I waited outside in the cold and ate some chicken cashew nut from the local Hong Kong place with our fingers because I forgot to get chopsticks. I’m actually not sure whether we or Charles got the better end of the deal. I mean sure, Hillary Clinton is a great inspiring progressive candidate and all, but on the other hand it was pretty fucking good chicken cashew nut.

Then I couldn’t take it anymore. With the gymnasium doors finally in sight, I got sick of the whole thing, jumped ship and went to get a cup of tea at a Starbucks. Hey don’t judge me. I wanted the end of my day to be a bit more interesting.

James hung around and, with the last hundred or so people, didn’t get in. I think I made the right choice.