Angus Thompson's Posts

First Same Sex Proposal Officially Celebrated As Woman Proposes to Cow
"The wedding is set to be held on a very very slippery slope"
Harvey Weinstein, Rolf Harris and Bill Cosby to star in new remake of “Predator”
"The three were also rumoured to star in a remake of Child's play"
Australia celebrate ending only dream of perpetually war torn country
"Like taking candy from a severely oppressed baby"
“Women’s sport is irrelevant” claims man who still watches darts
"I only watch darts, F1, and occasionally ten pin bowling."
Local man hopes hangover is obvious enough to get out of social situations
He's reportedly not hungover enough to drink water though
Abbott lays out energy plan in rousing 12 point telegram
"Call me old fashioned but...."
Rohingya Refugee contemplates things he could buy with $25k before genocidal death
"Its like a real life what would you buy before you die"
AFL officially Australia’s last hope in international sport
"Unless Nauru beat us again."
Trump one ups North Korean by nuking Japan first
'That'll show them'
Bob Hawke condemns Abbott’s drinking as “weak as piss”
'These bloody young bucks can't even hold a few bottles of wine.'