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Malcom Turnbull celebrates yes vote – reveals plan to marry sound of own voice
"It's high time I made my love for my own voice official."
“Definition of marriage cannot change” claims church founded solely to change definition of marriage
"Marriage can only be defined by our King in Heaven, Henry VIII."
Government unveils new NBN logo
"It really captures the spirit of the NBN."
Anti same-sex marriage campaign unveil official spokeswoman
"Won't somebody please think of the children!"
Kendall Jenner beaten to death after offering Nazis a Pepsi
Barnaby Joyce dusts off old copy of “The Castle” in preparation for high court bid
"Wait till I unload my 'It's not a house, it's a home' defence on them, judges won't know what hit em!"
ABC asks staff not to share opinions online about fucking ridiculous plebiscite
"There are two sides to this issue," read the memo "and one of them is threatening to cut our funding."
Trump sends “deepest condolences” to President of Guam
"Boy I wouldn't want to be that guy right now."
Turnbull calls national plebiscite to decide whether to get out of bed today
"It's the only way to decide such a crucial and vitally important matter"
Liberals set to vote on poll to vote on plan to vote on gay marriage
"This debate on whether to hold a party room ballot on whether to hold a plebiscite on whether to have a parliamentary vote is the only way to decide this issue clearly and decisively." said PM Malcolm Turnbull