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Peaceful New York park
Wave of Bowling Green inspired attacks leaves US overrun with peaceful non-events
Sporadic outbreaks of tranquility have forced citizens to casually flee from cafes and food stands after finishing and paying for their meals
Turbull offers Trump $1.75 million to take back phonecall remark
"I can completely understand why he hung up on us after only twenty minutes. International phonecalls are expensive."
Trump honors election pledge to randomly shoot person on street
Sources close to Mr Trump say he never backed down on the commitment to shoot someone, and any claims that it was some kind of metaphor were simply fake news
Immigrants Are Stealing Our Jobs, Complain Autonomous Robots
"It's tough sometimes," he says "not knowing where the next power supply will come from."
Meteor slams into Los Angeles, every celebrity dead
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Paparazzi at this difficult time
Dyslexic child stays up on Christmas Eve waiting for Satan
He can't wait to meet "the magic red man who punishes bad kids"
Trump taps Judge Judy to fill Supreme Court vacancy
The news comes as an upset for previous favourite Simon Cowell
Trump Appoints Putin as Secretary of Defense
Critics of the move have stated that they find the choice "a bit unorthodox"
Leonard Cohen Reacts to Trump Election
Millennials have gathered in LA to pay their respects for the man who famously covered Hallelujah
United Nations unanimously votes to just end 2016 right here
The UN has voted in an emergency session to move right on to 2017 "For the sake of humanity, the earth, and our increasingly endangered celebrities."