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Assad offers Trump a Pepsi to sort out their differences
President Assad has offered Trump a Pepsi, claiming that he understands it's a great way for opposing sides to sort out their differences
Official statement regarding Mark Latham
It is with deep regret that I write to you today to announce that we will be ending our long-running satirical project, Mark Latham, effective immediately
Pauline Hanson declares Islam causes autism
"Islam has been infecting our children one Halal snack pack at a time"
‘Gay marriage is none of your business’, straight man tells gay CEO
"This is typical of gays, wanting to force their agenda about what they want to do with their own lives, onto straight people. They should leave that up to straight people. We're the experts at that."
Turnbull cut-price power plan to provide slower electricity
Following the success of his NBN plan, Malcolm Turnbull has unveiled plans to take on the electricity market. Under the new scheme, he would take the existing Snowy Rivers Hydro-Electricity scheme, and then inexplicably ruin it
Leaked documents reveal CIA knows almost as much about you as Facebook
Wikileaks has released a trove of thousands of documents that confirm what cyber-security experts have long suspected: that the CIA
Minister who forgot about buying house luckily still remembered to negatively gear it
Luckily, Cash managed to remember to negatively gear the property immediately, even while forgetting that she'd even bought the property
Nokia to reboot old classic with ‘new’ Prime Minister Abbott
The old version of Prime Minister Abbott was abandoned in 2015 due to an extreme lack of popularity, but Nokia is hoping that frustration with the newer model of Prime Minister will see voters flock to the outdated features of the classic Prime Minister
Trump slams US government: ‘Whoever is in charge is an idiot’
Donald Trump has lashed out at the US government, telling Fox News that "whoever is in charge of the place must be a total whack job."
Tim Worner beginning to suspect Amber Harrison is a bit angry with him
The CEO of Seven West Media has expressed the colleagues a creeping suspicion that his ex-lover Amber Harrison "might be a bit angry" with him, after she was dumped and then sacked from her job at Seven