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Turnbull says sorry: regrets giving impression he ever cared about climate change, gay marriage, education
Malcolm Turnbull has expressed “profound regret” for giving people the impression he ever cared about issues such as marriage equality,
Leaked: The Peter (Dutton) Papers
Peter Dutton says he’s “proud” of last weekend’s announcement that he has removed children from detention centres. However, the evidence suggests otherwise. The following
ChaserBank – Television Commercial
Are you a victim of the Panama Papers leak? Let ChaserBank take those pesky millions off your hands
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Turnbull Unveils Plan to Devolve Responsibility for Latest Newspoll to the States
Malcolm Turnbull has announced a radical plan that would see state premiers take responsibility for all aspects of the latest
Introducing ChaserBank – helping High Net Worth individuals in this difficult time
Here at The Chaser, we’ve been flooded with calls all morning from Presidents, Prime Ministers, CEOs, Heads of Ethics Committees for Sporting
Talking to Trump supporters: Are Mexicans rapists?
Over the past month, we’ve been talking to Donald Trump supporters and gauging their opinions about his politics. Today, we look
Is Barack Obama a Muslim?
According to some polls, 54% of Republicans think Barack Obama is a Muslim. So we went along to a Donald Trump
Chaser Poll – Donald Trump in One Word
We asked ordinary red blooded Trump supporters to describe Trump in one word. Their responses will not surprise you
Union boss charged with using effective negotiating tactics
Union leader John Setka has been caught red-handed using effective negotiating tactics against a large construction company
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University Opens “Blanchett Campus”: Specialising in Everything
Cate Blanchett has unveiled a new university campus catering to the growing need for celebrities to comment on everything