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New Australian Of The Year hopes honour will raise profile of whatever it is he does
Australian Of The Year Ian Frazer announced today that he would dedicate his 2006 to promoting cervical cancer research to
Nationals do most of the swearing at new Cabinet swearing-in
Senator McGauran: has since given the finger to his own side National Party MPs have protested the loss of another
Science students name Seinfeld as fashion icon of the century
For years it has been debated amongst physicists, chemists and rock mechanics. Just who is the style icon who has
Crazy Frog working on difficult second album
Record label Jamster! has announced that the scheduled release of the Crazy Frog’s follow-up to Jingle Bells/U Can’t Touch This
Japanese whalers defend Greenpeace collision “for research purposes”
The captain of the Japanese whaling ship, Nisshin Maru, has defended his actions during a collision with the Greenpeace-owned vessel,
2005 Hottest Year on Record according to ‘Who Weekly’
Who Weekly magazine has confirmed what many climate scientists had already suspected: that 2005 was officially the Hottest Year Ever,
Bigamist to appear in every episode of ‘Wife Swap’
A Salt Lake City man has had all 13 of his applications for the next series of reality series Wife
Singapore braces itself for onslaught of stern disapproval from Australians
The Singaporean government has resigned itself to receiving futile condemnation from trendy, Australian left-wingers for at least one news cycle, following
Schoolies celebrate end of studies by getting drugged and molested
Year 12 students have once again descended on the Gold Coast for Schoolies Week, the annual festival where school leavers
Viewer still unsure if Mythbusters are gay
After two seasons of watching Mythbusters, Redfern woman Sue Hooper still hasn’t reached a definitive conclusion about the sexual orientation