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Waifish Kate Moss to promote diet coke
British model Kate Moss has bounced back from the loss of four modelling contracts this week with a lucrative new
G8 agrees to cancel third world debt if Geldof cancels concert
The world’s economic powerhouses have agreed to relinquish the third world’s multi-trillion dollar debt, describing it as a “small price
Dannii Minogue diagnosed with fake breast cancer
Hot on the heels of big sister Kylie Minogue’s diagnosis of breast cancer, little sister Dannii has released her own
Budget delivers tax relief for battling CEOs
“Many working families today are having trouble surviving on only one bloated income, worrying about putting their kids through elite
Fashion Week shock: half-naked anorexics in again this season
If this year’s Mercedes Australian Fashion Week is any guide, wafer-thin adolescents with see-through tops, tiny diaphanous panties and protuberant
Pope Benedict 16 complains getting a papal name is harder than Hotmail
“It’s hard to stand out from the pack when you’re one of sixteen guys with the same name,” the Holy
Howard slams Reserve Bank for breaking interest rate election promise
The PM slammed the RBA for winning a fourth term in control of Australia’s monetary policy by pandering to voters
Rest of Charles’ family sorry they can’t miss the wedding too
Members of the Royal Family have reacted to the Queen’s decision not to attend the Charles/Camilla wedding, primarily with envy.
Man commits suicide after receiving Telstra Lifeline bill
“His executor’s still on hold to get the phone cancelled, she's going to have a heart attack when she sees the bill.”
Queen pays for Charles & Camilla’s honeymoon: books driving tour of Paris
The Queen of England has endorsed Prince Charles’ plans to wed Camilla Parker-Bowles, saying she would treat Camilla “like any