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Downer sends negotiators to Baghdad to not negotiate with terrorists
[Edition 89] Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has responded to the possible seizure of Australian hostages by Islamic terrorists by sending
Methadone clinic a bitter disappointment
[Edition 89] A visit to the Wollongong methadone clinic in Denison St has left second year Arts student and amateur
Aussie cyclists silence critics with suspiciously strong Games performance
[Edition 89] “This amazing performance will silence all of those who’ve questioned whether we took illegal substances,” said one cyclist.
Al Qaeda planning token, feel-good attack on Paralympics
[Edition 89] “We normally leave attacks on people in wheelchairs to the Israelis, but it is for a good cause,”
Michael Moore moves on to planning ban of his next movie
[Edition 87] Michael Moore says that he has put the media storm surrounding Fahrenheit 9/11 behind him, and is already
IOC finds Al Qaeda more prepared for Olympics than Athens
[Edition 87] An investigation by the International Olympic Committee has discovered that the Athens organisers are lagging well behind the
Athens “ready to host 2008 Olympics”
We always expected that by May 2004 we'd be in a state of chaos and hopelessly behind, which is exactly where we are
Miss World devastated by breakdown of world peace on her watch
[Edition 85] A heartbroken Miss World, Rosanna Lee Davison has apologised to her supporters and the judges who elected her
‘Social smoker’ goes through two packs a day
[Edition 83] People who smoke up to 60 cigarettes a day can protect themselves from cancer by insisting they are
Lack of bottled water proves there’s intelligent life on Mars
[Edition 83] New data from NASA’s Mars Rover Spirit has found no signs that the red planet has an extortionately