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Make-A-Wish Kid wishes for death
[Edition 76] BRISBANE, Tuesday The Make-A-Wish charity foundation has been thrown into turmoil by 17 year-old leukamia sufferer Matthew Burn’s
Man quietly disappointed at attack-free September 11
[Edition 77] ADELAIDE, Monday: Storeman Andrew Stafford, 49, has confided to close friends that he was “a bit disappointed” that
RIAA battles music piracy with lawsuit against 12 year old girl
[Edition 77] NEW YORK, Wednesday: The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has achieved an emphatic victory in its war
Al-Qaeda and El NiƱo to be blamed for everything in future
[Edition 77] REUTERS, Thursday: In an effort to increase accuracy in reporting man-made and natural disasters, news agency Reuters confirmed
News In Brief
[Edition 77] The SARS virus had a brief stop-over at Singapore yesterday, spending two hours shopping for duty-free digital cameras
Apathy builds for start of NSL season
[Edition 77] SYDNEY, Saturday: Interest in the recently-begun National Soccer League season is “lukewarm and cooling”. That was the optimistic
“Faked weapons finds will back-up faked intelligence” – Blair
[Edition 75] LONDON, Monday – Tony Blair has today hit back at intelligence community leaks suggesting he deceived the public
Latin dance class entirely comprised of desperate singles
[Edition 75] ADELAIDE, Saturday – Latin dance instructor Jose Barretto was disappointed to learn that his 8pm Tuesday class had
Man grateful to receive spam email
[Edition 74] HOBART, Friday: A lonely Hobart man said he was excited yesterday to receive an email in his Hotmail
Customer feedback makes it all worthwhile for third world coffee picker
[Edition 74] Hours of back-breaking work were made worthwhile today for Kenyan coffee picker Abuya Wakesa when she received her