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Busker revamps performance with ‘No-Repeat Workday’
[Edition 69] ADELAIDE, Wednesday: There were shake-ups in the busking industry this week after acoustic guitar player Jimmy Wilson, based
Woolworths CEO denied bonus after company posts profit
[Edition 68] SYDNEY, Thursday: Woolworths chief executive Roger Corbett was devastated today to report an 18.3% rise in profit under
James Murdoch new favourite to ruin Rupert’s empire
[Edition 78] With his recent elevation to being head of BSkyB, James Murdoch has become the new favourite to take
Teen’s dying wish for Cameron Diaz blow job not granted
[Edition 68] PHILADELPHIA, Monday: The parents of 15-year-old leukaemia patient Josh Morten, who last night passed away after a four
Columnist backs Whitehouse
[Edition 68] MIAMI, Sunday: A syndicated columnist has added credibility to the Whitehouse’s pro-war stance by drawing on his own
C-grade celebrity hopes peace rally will re-invigorate career
[Edition 68] NEW YORK, Thursday: Danny Glover’s message to the New York anti-war rally today was simple: ‘No war’, and
Pope endorses social awkwardness as contraceptive
[Edition 67] The aging Pontiff spoke enthusiastically about the possibilities of the new plan. “We need to make children bumbling
Jerk who bats out of his league refuses to lower standards
[Edition 66] Searching for love beyond the blonde, beautiful, slim, young, upwardly-mobile, well-travelled and adoring demographic will increase the Ryde
CIA begins recruiting new intake of future enemies
[Edition 66] The CIA will offer recruits extensive training and millions of dollars worth of high-tech weapons systems in return
Inner-city resident isn’t working on a Tropfest film
[Edition 65] McIntyre is disappointed to be the only resident of Australia’s inner-city areas who isn’t working on a Tropfest