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Colonel Gaddafi promotes himself to General
[Edition 62] TRIPOLI, Thursday: After years of ribbing by his Axis of Evil peers, General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan, Ayatollah
Tina Arena sells naming rights: To be renamed Telstra Arena
[Edition 62] SYDNEY, Sunday: An administrative error has seen Telstra sign a deal for naming rights over singer Tina Arena
Man unsure where to pee in trendy restaurant bathroom
He also reportedly struggled to operate the hand basin, which had no visible taps or faucets
Soccer convert turns down invite to watch local game
[Edition 60] When a friend from work suggested that she come along with him to watch a local NSL game,
Executive presents PowerPoint eulogy at mother’s funeral
[Edition 59] Before a packed congregation of relatives and friends, the senior executive paid tribute to his mother through a
’60 Minutes’ outbids Pell for rights to sex abuse story
[Edition 59] While the public has reacted negatively to the Church’s attempt to buy Ridsdale’s silence, his agent has a
Refined teen plays ‘air bassoon’ in front of bedroom mirror
[Edition 59] The cultured teen said he liked to fantasize in front of the mirror, pretending he was playing first
New Zealand rebadged ‘The All New Zealand’
[Edition 59] PM Helen Clark thinks that the new name will have popular appeal. “Stressing the benefits of our wonderful
England’s World Cup disaster: star hooligan breaks foot
[Edition 58] LONDON, Tuesday: England’s 2002 World Cup campaign is in tatters after its star hooligan Gerard Wilson of Chelsea
Psychiatric patient successfully reintegrated into homeless community
[Edition 57] MELBOURNE, Tuesday: Australia’s mental institutions have achieved an almost 100% success rate in their program to reintegrate its