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Refined teen plays ‘air bassoon’ in front of bedroom mirror
[Edition 59] The cultured teen said he liked to fantasize in front of the mirror, pretending he was playing first
New Zealand rebadged ‘The All New Zealand’
[Edition 59] PM Helen Clark thinks that the new name will have popular appeal. “Stressing the benefits of our wonderful
England’s World Cup disaster: star hooligan breaks foot
"Wilson is an amazing striker, he can strike with both feet and his head. He's also pretty handy with a baseball bat."
Psychiatric patient successfully reintegrated into homeless community
[Edition 57] MELBOURNE, Tuesday: Australia’s mental institutions have achieved an almost 100% success rate in their program to reintegrate its
Keen masturbator spikes own drink with rohypnol
[Edition 56] SYDNEY, Friday: A man describing himself as a passionate masturbator has admitted that he spiked his own drink
Second coming ends prematurely: Jesus shot dead in Bethlehem
BETHLEHEM, Monday: The second coming has ended prematurely after Jesus Christ become the latest casualty of fighting in the Middle
Bloke in The Corrs accepts he may not be reason for band’s popularity
[Edition 55] DUBLIN, Monday: The sole male member of the popular Irish group The Corrs yesterday conceded for the first
Man carefully arranges bedside novels before big date
[Edition 55] MELBOURNE, Friday: A 25-year-old Melbourne student spent more than three hours last night painstakingly choosing which novels to
Queen Mum’s life tragically cut short
[Edition 55] LONDON, Sunday: The world has been numbed by grief and shock, after Her Royal Highness the Queen Mother
Mugabe voted Miss Zimbabwe: denies election rigged
[Edition 54] HARARE, Monday: The newly re-elected Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, has officially been crowned Miss Zimbabwe, describing his triumph