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Rich trendies take up petrol sniffing: ‘So expensive it must be good’
[Edition 27] SYDNEY, Wednesday: Petrol prices have hit such highs that petrol is becoming the drug of choice amongst the
Putin copies Clinton: dead seamen stains reputation
[Edition 26] MOSCOW, Tuesday: Russian naval authorities today faced staunch criticism, as they conceded that all 118 Russian submariners trapped
Elaine Nile retires citing victory in “War on Masturbation”
[Edition 26] SYDNEY, Tuesday: There were emotional displays and many tributes paid today as Elaine Nile, Christian Democrat MP of
CONCORDE BREAKS HOTEL BARRIER: Airport to hotel in under 2 mins
[Edition 26] PARIS, Tuesday: The Manager of the Hotelissimo Hotel today claimed that he made it perfectly clear to Air
‘Kids forced back to stealing CD’s from music stores if Napster closes’
[Edition 26] LOS ANGELES, Monday: A US court has heard that music crime will be forced back into the music
IVF DEBATE: Federal Government tells lesbians: “Get fucked”
[Edition 26] MELBOURNE, Monday: The Federal Court decision to allow single women and lesbians to use infertility treatment in Victoria
Camp David peace talks stall as Israeli delegation refuses to cede jacuzzi
[Edition 25] THURMONT, Friday: The historic Middle East peace talks taking place at the US President’s Maryland retreat, Camp David,
Communism vindicated by successful collective meeting
[Edition 25] NEWTOWN, Sunday: Tonight’s meeting of the Marxism-Leninism Now Collective demonstrated the continuing relevance and ultimate success of communist
Medical breakthrough: Suburban dentist to buy new magazines for waiting room
[Edition 25] GEELONG, Tuesday: There were scenes of jubilation today at the once plush suite of suburban dental wizz and
Philippines garbage dump rescue effort finds two survivors, four working fridges
[Edition 25] MANILA, Tuesday: At least 161 people died last week when a Manila dump in the Patayas area collapsed,