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A dying trade
He died doing what he loved doing – killing children in a kindergarten suicide bombing
The Chaser Roadtest: Offshoring
This quarter, we look at how The Chaser could benefit from the “disruption” of task-based services such as “Airtasker” in the production of satire
Letters to the Editor, Summer 2015
Our postbox is literally overflowing with adoring messages and packages from fans letting us know how much they love Andrew O'Keefe
Forgotten Moments in Australian History: The First Soccer Match
Not many people know about the first soccer match between Indigenous Australians and white settlers
A Date With Death
…and in the medium term, I’m working on the print media and faith in the democratic project. How about you&#
Feeding Time
Family Bonding
I liked you so much better before “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”&#
Chief Financial Officer
A note from The Chaser’s Chief Financial Officer
Welcome to The Chaser Quarterly, the latest tax-loss from the people behind such successful tax losses as “The Chaser Newspaper”, “CNNNN” and “The Unbelievable Truth”
The Chaser’s 2015 Year in Review
We look back at the major events that shaped the world in 2015, from the discovery of the M380 on Mars to Tony Abbott taking a bite our of Prince Phillip
Man spends entire camping trip trying to get phone reception
Occasional outdoorsman Don Feist has spent an entire “get away from it all” weekend trip trying to regain contact with