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Trump campaign set to hire Australian ‘misogyny expert’
Anonymous Aussie set to advise on women and raw onions
Two creepy clowns scare millions during TV broadcast
Two terrifying, face-painted and angry-looking jesters hijacked television screens across the globe for 90 minutes last night
Local Cronulla muslim mistakes NRL celebration for another race riot
Long-time Cronulla residents suffered a severe case of deja vu upon finding the streets littered with drunken anglo revelers after the NRL grand final on Sunday night
Our Olympians are not fit enough, says most overweight nation in the world
In the wake of yet another disappointing Olympic campaign - where Australian sportspeople only ranked in the global top three a mere 29 times - the Australian government today announced that the Australian Institute of Sport headquarters in Canberra would be demolished to make way for the world’s largest-ever
You’ll never guess how Facebook reminded this husband it was his wife’s birthday
DEADBEAT husband Zebediah Ratton has sung the praises of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg after he was reminded by the website
Sonia Kruger slams Paralympics as ‘reverse discrimination’
MORNING television host Sonia Kruger has again created outrage, this time suggesting that the 2016 Paralympics are a gross example
Turnbull nominates Abbott for UN Secretary-General
In the wake of his rejection of Kevin Rudd’s bid for the role of UN Secretary General, Prime Minister Malcolm
Hanson plans to have baby so she can use The Sonia Kruger Defence
After once again having her moral stance called into question on ABC TV, Pauline Hanson has announced her decision to