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Fashion: 6 Hats You Need This Season to Honour Fidel Castro
When talking to strangers in cafes about how reports of human rights abuse in Cuba are exaggerated and actually how good their public health system is, you need a way to catch their attention subtly and stylishly
Mike Pence booed because he somehow got tickets to Hamilton
While the next available ticket to see Hamilton on Broadway is in 2018, it seems being VP Elect has some benefits
#ChaserUSA Blog 06: “Trying to Trap Trumpeters”
Sometimes it's easy to make fun of people for supporting a handsome sweet potato for President. Other times you can't help but to try to understand them
“Okay yeah, God doesn’t exist.”
2016 has finally proven once and for all that there really is nobody looking out for us
I don’t get it. All my Facebook friends hate Donald Trump.
OP ED - Who voted for Donald Trump? I don't know anyone. Whereas I personally know a few hundred who wrote in Bernie Sanders
Print Media Prepares Two Different Apocalyptic Front Pages for Wednesday
Whichever major candidate the American people elect President, the news media is prepared to continue to report things as awful as usual
#ChaserUSA Blog 05: “Vaccinated Against Hillary Fever”
The Hillary Clinton rally in Pittsburgh was both underwhelming and impressive
Alec Baldwin’s impression of Donald Trump is polling higher than Hillary Clinton
The series of Saturday Night Live sketches were so well received that Donald "Baldwin" Trump is now beating Hillary Clinton in a nationwide poll
Hillary Clinton faces further scrutiny for not using symbols and numbers in her Hotmail password
The FBI has reason to believe that Secretary Clinton not only had a registered Hotmail account, but her password strength was Weak to Moderate
#ChaserUSA Blog 04: “Trump in the Flesh”
In which the team sees Donald Trump up close and personal at a rally in Johnstown,