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Hanson supporter reads Quran entirely for the purpose of belittling Islam
Local bigot Scotty Bowers is sick of being called an 'uneducated racist' and has finally decided to do something about it
Javelin expert really hoping to make the most out of these two weeks of work
Australian javelin expert Tim Nicholson has trailed into discussing his grievances at length during the live broadcast of the Javelin
Channel 7 postpones Olympic coverage until every Australian watches ‘Zumbo’s Just Desserts’
Chief Executive officer Sam Higgins of Channel 7 has decided to delay all live and recorded Olympic footage until the Australian public unanimously watches ‘Zumbo’s Just Desserts’
Chimps begin to grow embarrassed by their close relation to humans
Reports have surfaced this week that Chimpanzees have started denying being related to humans, following a series of humiliating blunders by the human race
Obama announces “multi-coloured drone strike spectacular” to mark farewell
President Barack Obama has announced a bold plan to set off several multi-coloured drone strikes in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan later this
Bigotry enthusiast takes time off work to prepare for marriage plebiscite
Local man Sam Wallace has taken time off work in preparation for the upcoming marriage equality plebiscite. He told his
Pell vows to become vegetarian, will still eat meat every day
Cardinal George Pell has vowed to become vegetarian this month, telling a congregation at the vatican, “All beings are equal in
Hanson caught replacing ‘Asian’ with ‘Muslim’ on old One Nation banners
A woman has been arrested for sneaking on to private property and crossing out the word ‘Asian’ on One Nation
Cash Converters owner impressed at how many TVs one regular customer owns
Melbourne-based Cash Converters owner Dylan Thompson has voiced his admiration for local man, Marcus Bowers, and his impressive collection of
Greyhound trainers turn to mistreating Pokémon as new form of livelihood
It has been revealed several prominent Greyhound trainers have been using the Pokémon Go app, to catch, train and then