Vlad the Juggler
“Oh thank god, it’s just Vlad the Juggler&#
St. Patrick’s Day
“Look kids! Jolly St. Patrick came and drank your beers and filled your spew bags!&#
"I've tried English, I've tried shouting in English - I'm out of ideas!"
Merry Christmas
“It combines my love of Christmas with my hatred of people who don’t look like me.&#
Dr. Google
“Scalpel… Google&#
Pipeline to success
"We don't have a plumber budget but we'd love to feature your work in our bathrooms."
A dying trade
He died doing what he loved doing – killing children in a kindergarten suicide bombing
A Date With Death
…and in the medium term, I’m working on the print media and faith in the democratic project. How about you&#
Feeding Time
Family Bonding
I liked you so much better before “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”&#