The Chaser’s Empty Vessel

Fresh from their success in lowering the standards of Australian TV, The Chaser team are now aiming to reduce the quality of public talks and discussion, with a brand new live event.

The Empty Vessel is a freewheeling talkfest presented by a semi-random selection people from the Chaser team in a relaxed and intoxicating (ie fully licensed) atmosphere.

We’re very pleased to be using FBi Radio’s awesome new live venue experiment, FBi Social, as a platform to develop The Empty Vessel in the lead-up to the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

The Empty Vessel will be filled with different and unexpected things each night, but will always feature:

Come along and see some of Sydney’s finest mixing it with a few of Sydney’s worst. And stay tuned to for guest announcements.

The Chaser’s Empty Vessel: the only way to find out what’s really inside is to come along.

Entry: $15

Dates: 20 April, 11 May and 8 June at 8pm

Location: FBi Social is on the second level of the Kings Cross Hotel, corner William St and Darlinghurst Rd Kings Cross. Opposite the Coke sign. Train to Kings Cross or buses to Bayswater Rd.

Guest information

8 June

Jo Walker, editor of Frankie magazine

Murray Bell, founder of Semi-Permanent, a series of worldwide creative conferences focusing on design, inspiration, & innovation

11 May

Writer and artist Fiona McGregor, who – among many and varied creative pursuits – has produced iconic Sydney novels such as Indelible Ink and Chemical Palace.

Architect and urban designer Craig Allchin – a man who’s been integrally involved in fascinating urban projects from developing Melbourne’s small bars to planning Chinese megacities. Craig’s got a masterplan for Sydney, and he’s not afraid to use it….

20 April

Jennifer Robinson, one of the lawyers acting for Julian Assange in London against Sweden’s attempt to extradite him.

Graeme Garden, comedy legend and one of The Goodies.

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