Grown man threatens to never watch children’s show ever again
Grown man also outraged at use of word "phonebooth"
Man who firmly believes Clinton runs pizza shop sex trafficking ring still not sold on whole Trump-Russia thing
"I'm gonna need more evidence than a few clearly worded emails to believe something as outlandish as that."
Woolworths phases out plastic bag use in favour of just directly strangling sea turtles
"It's just cheaper this way."
Australian public shocked to learn New Zealand not legally part of Australia
"Wait, what's that state down under Victoria then?"
Trump Jr releases Facebook DMs with Putin as further proof against collusion
"Hi Vlad, yea happy to drop all sanctions. How're the kids?"
Conservative terrified gay marriage will cause end of society – like it didn’t in US, UK, Canada, Ireland, France, Spain, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, New Zealand, South Africa, Holland, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina, Denmark, Uruguay, Luxemburg, Colombia, Greenland, Finland, Taiwan, and Germany
"Why knows what will happen if we legalise it!"
Christopher Nolan working on dark, gritty reboot of AirBud franchise
"I really wanted to explore the motivations, you know? Did Bud ever get revenge on that Clown?"
“People were nicer in my day” says Nonna who lived through the Holocaust
"I just don't feel safe with all these gangs of kids riding around on bicycles."
Court rules Women’s Day made “false claims” about serial killer Rebel Wilson
Wilson says she is relieved and will kill again
Trump Declares War on Austria after learning of Turnbull’s jokes
"I'll teach them for making it sound like I'm an idiot"