IKEA Introduce New Sofabed That Is Unusable as Both Bed And Sofa
"It's perfect for people who want to be uncomfortable in all situations"
Joyce resigns to spend more time with his various families
"I'm relieved that I'll finally be able to spend more quality time with my love children."
Safety Warning Convinces Man Not To Drink Paint
"Honestly it's the only thing holding me back"
Chinese New Year late again
"SORRY! Running a few months late!" texted China to the rest of the world, "Be there soon!"
Opinion: Sex is unnatural and should have been banned years ago
Firth, host of The Firth Factor, weighs in on the big issue of the week: was Malcolm Turnbull right to make sex between MPs and staffers extra naughty
Joyce spends romantic Valentines Day denying significance of relationship
"Until recently she was just another root to me," said a clearly lovestruck Barnaby this evening
What They Said – The Barnaby Joyce Affair
Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce believes that having an affair with a staffer and then getting them a taxpayer-funded job down the corridor is a private matter. Even so, everyone wants to weigh in on the Barnaby Joyce Affair. Here's what they said
“Gays are destroying marriage” Joyce tells pregnant mistress
"Those promiscuous sinners are going to ruin my broken marriage."
Can’t afford a house in Sydney or Melbourne? Just get one rent-free from a millionaire donor, says Joyce
He admitted there was more steps than just that. "First of all, you have to leave your wife and kids," he said. "Then just shack up with your new girlfriend. Then you tap someone from the local community who happens to want influence with you."
New senator Jim Molan justifies punching baby in the face as “starting a debate”
You know what every terrorist has in common? That's right. They were all once babies