Rohingya Refugee contemplates things he could buy with $25k before genocidal death
"Its like a real life what would you buy before you die"
Man declares best way to celebrate free speech is through hate speech
"It's my duty and my honour."
Turnbull passionately launches the “Um yeah sure” campaign for marriage equality
He was careful not to speak too loud in case any rural Liberal voters could hear him
Government unveils new NBN logo
"It really captures the spirit of the NBN."
Talking snake revealed as latest spokesman for ‘No’ campaign
"This should win them over"
AFL officially Australia’s last hope in international sport
"Unless Nauru beat us again."
Trump one ups North Korean by nuking Japan first
'That'll show them'
Anti same-sex marriage campaign unveil official spokeswoman
"Won't somebody please think of the children!"
Bob Hawke condemns Abbott’s drinking as “weak as piss”
'These bloody young bucks can't even hold a few bottles of wine.'
No vote campaign points to Scottish boys wearing dresses after they legalised gay marriage
They also warned of a sharp increase in the consumption of haggis