Christensen confirms he isn’t a British citizen after consulting Ask Bongo
"That should do it."
Trump adamant he “won staring contest” with sun
"Now I'm off to wage war on the sea."
Reporter somehow improves journalism by stalking victim’s grieving relatives
"This just in, turns out they're upset."
Parliament to debate making burqa compulsory for Pauline Hanson
"Maybe if she keeps it on we can pretend like she's not even there, and get on with running the country."
Anti-sharia campaigner ready to stop something that was never going to happen from happening
Despite no-one ever suggesting that Sharia law be introduced into Australia, no-one supporting the idea, and no politician ever mentioning it, the campaigner believes it's only a matter of time
Islamic woman attends mosque dressed as Pauline Hanson
"I think there’s a genuine security threat in allowing people who look like this to be out in public"
Trump: “Not all Nazis are white supremacists”
"Some of them are just nice people with alternative views about the Holocaust."
Joke wifi password a lot less funny after sixth failed attempt
"No, it's 'No spaces withspaces' with spaces except between the, you know what I'll just change it."
Man suspected of Nazism after buying 30 Tiki torches at Bunnings
"I'm just having a bunch of people over for a barbie and I fuckin' hate mosquitos"
Kendall Jenner beaten to death after offering Nazis a Pepsi