Super Bowl LI for dummies, by dummies
Everything you need to know to get you to half-time, then who cares?
Printing error sees thousands of drunken sports fans gather to see ‘Superb Owl’
"It's been a great day, except for all the vomit"
Hayne pornography slammed as “inappropriate, poor quality”
New NRL Youth Development program fails to excite.
Local Cronulla muslim mistakes NRL celebration for another race riot
Long-time Cronulla residents suffered a severe case of deja vu upon finding the streets littered with drunken anglo revelers after the NRL grand final on Sunday night
Our Olympians are not fit enough, says most overweight nation in the world
In the wake of yet another disappointing Olympic campaign - where Australian sportspeople only ranked in the global top three a mere 29 times - the Australian government today announced that the Australian Institute of Sport headquarters in Canberra would be demolished to make way for the world’s largest-ever
Javelin expert really hoping to make the most out of these two weeks of work
Australian javelin expert Tim Nicholson has trailed into discussing his grievances at length during the live broadcast of the Javelin
Channel 7 postpones Olympic coverage until every Australian watches ‘Zumbo’s Just Desserts’
Chief Executive officer Sam Higgins of Channel 7 has decided to delay all live and recorded Olympic footage until the Australian public unanimously watches ‘Zumbo’s Just Desserts’
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Teen no longer wants to lose virginity if it’s anything like State of Origin match
Following Sam Thaiday’s comment that the first game of State of Origin was ‘like losing your virginity’, 14-year-old Steve Humphries has declared
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Socceroos exploring “Eurovision” entry into European Championships
Following Australia’s second-place performance at Eurovision 2016, the Socceroos have announced today that they will follow suit by ignoring qualification
Shock as plucky team of misfits thrashed in grand final
A combination of luck, team spirit, and a never-say die attitude proved little match to their highly trained opposition.