The Chaser’s Royal Wedding Commentary


Unfortunately due to restrictions imposed by Prince Charles’ office Clarence House and the BBC, ABC2 has been unable to proceed with The Chaser’s Royal Wedding Commentary. Most of The Chaser’s content relied on access to the live feed of the wedding day, which has been denied.
But here is a small sample of the pieces that would have been included with the commentary before or after the actual marriage ceremony. God save the Queen.


The Prince’s Speech

Like Queen Elizabeth’s father George VI, her husband Prince Philip has a habit of creating problems whenever he opens his mouth. 


World Wedding Fever

Around the world, no matter how bleak their circumstances, people have dropped whatever they’re doing to watch something far more important – two rich people getting married.


A Day in the Life of a Royal Guard

Buckingham Palace’s famous guards have unique recruitment requirements. We introduce one of the Queen’s elite security men. 


Betfair Live Crosses

Chris Taylor updates the odds for Betfair.

Colour of Dress

Magazine Coverage

Queen Smile h

Wedding Song


Royal Wedding Souvenirs

We profile some of the commemorative items produced to honour the happy couple. 


Poet Laureate

It’s customary for Poets Laureate to release a poem in honour of major royal occasions. We have obtained a preview of the contribution by the current Poet Laureate, the down-to-earth, openly bisexual, Scottish woman Carol Ann Duffy. 


Good Luck England’s Rose

Wedding guest Elton John, who updated ‘Candle In The Wind’ for Princess Diana’s funeral, has released another new version to honour Kate Middleton.


The Consummation


What will happen on William and Kate’s first night as a married couple? 


If you’d rather watch The Chaser than the royal wedding, some classic episodes will be playing on ABC2 on the night.