Baird government creates lockout laws for 24-hour gyms
Further plans include a state-wide ban on all 'Tapout' shirts
Trump unleashes scathing ’14 reasons why BuzzFeed sucks’ article
Apparently it's "savage AF"
Amazing! Man takes photo of himself everyday for 10 years and the results are just what you’d expect
A 25 year old from Michigan has just released online a personal project that took him 10 years to complete.
Betty White’s stalker retires
"After 68 years, our relationship was starting to get stale."
Meteor slams into Los Angeles, every celebrity dead
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Paparazzi at this difficult time
Christmas lunch shortened to five minutes to allow more time for family arguments
"We figured why not just get all the racism done in one hit"
Dyslexic child stays up on Christmas Eve waiting for Satan
He can't wait to meet "the magic red man who punishes bad kids"
Santa takes indefinite leave after body shaming by online trolls
"Back in the day he'd get an occasional handwritten complaint from a dissatisfied child, but the internet has changed all that"
Trump taps Judge Judy to fill Supreme Court vacancy
The news comes as an upset for previous favourite Simon Cowell
Santa relocating to Bangladesh due to melting North Pole, labour laws
"This is an investment in the future – a future with no ice caps."
Trump Appoints Putin as Secretary of Defense
Critics of the move have stated that they find the choice "a bit unorthodox"
Peter Garrett’s Midnight Oil tour likely to be a ‘complete sell out’
Midnight Oil has announced that it is reforming and will do a global tour in 2017. It will be the
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