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Hayne pornography slammed as “inappropriate, poor quality”
New NRL Youth Development program fails to excite.
Print Media Prepares Two Different Apocalyptic Front Pages for Wednesday
Whichever major candidate the American people elect President, the news media is prepared to continue to report things as awful as usual
#ChaserUSA Blog 05: “Vaccinated Against Hillary Fever”
The Hillary Clinton rally in Pittsburgh was both underwhelming and impressive
“Humans aren’t meant to drink milk” claims woman slamming tequila
The woman was heard loudly insisting “Milk's not good for our stomachs” before throwing up from alcohol poisoning
Man still waiting for the day when he can show off his fluent Latin
A Melbourne-based man who identifies as bilingual has expressed hope that he will have the chance to show off his fluent
Alec Baldwin’s impression of Donald Trump is polling higher than Hillary Clinton
The series of Saturday Night Live sketches were so well received that Donald "Baldwin" Trump is now beating Hillary Clinton in a nationwide poll
Gina Rinehart euthanised after Melbourne Cup fall
THE Emirates Melbourne Cup has once again come under fire for its lack of humanity after mining magnate and Australia’s
Hillary Clinton faces further scrutiny for not using symbols and numbers in her Hotmail password
The FBI has reason to believe that Secretary Clinton not only had a registered Hotmail account, but her password strength was Weak to Moderate
#ChaserUSA Blog 04: “Trump in the Flesh”
In which the team sees Donald Trump up close and personal at a rally in Johnstown,
Billionaire dumps millionaire for ‘excessive spending’
"I don't want your money honey... but it certainly helps"