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Trump campaign an in-joke, admit advisors
Following Trump's continuing rise in the poll numbers, it has been revealed that his bid for president is actually the result of a in-joke about how stupid the American people are
Nobel Prize introduces ‘Most Improved’ Category
Stung by charges of elitism, The Royal Swedish Academy of Arts and Scientists will break with more of a century of tradition to award its first award for effort, rather than excellence
Melbourne man visits Sydney just to point out its flaws
A 27 year old graphic designer from Melbourne has spent an entire weekend in Sydney pointing out its flaws
The Chaser’s Guide to Australian Road Signs
Australia has many road signs that are unique in the world. Here is The Chaser's comprehensive guide to them
Physiotherapists applaud Kim Jong-Un’s tough stance against bad posture
The World Physiotherapy Association (WPA) has applauded Kim Jong-Un and his “brave fight against back posture” following the North Korean
Foreign Investment Review Board approves sale of Sam Dastyari to China
The Foreign Investment Review Board announced this afternoon that it has approved the sale of Sam Dastyari to China.  The
Windscreen washer joins millionaire list
After just a year in his new job, John Samuels has added his name to the burgeoning list of enterprising
“我沒做錯什麼”, claims Dastyari
Parent-Child bonding fails due to father’s use of word “rad”
A father’s attempt to relate to his teenage son has failed dismally following an embarrassing use of the word ‘rad’.
Linguistics Professor googles the definition of irony
A top linguistics professor at Harvard University, David Campbell, did a web search for the “definition of irony” this morning, and