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Channel 7 postpones Olympic coverage until every Australian watches ‘Zumbo’s Just Desserts’
Chief Executive officer Sam Higgins of Channel 7 has decided to delay all live and recorded Olympic footage until the Australian public unanimously watches ‘Zumbo’s Just Desserts’
Chimps begin to grow embarrassed by their close relation to humans
Reports have surfaced this week that Chimpanzees have started denying being related to humans, following a series of humiliating blunders by the human race
You’ll never guess how Facebook reminded this husband it was his wife’s birthday
DEADBEAT husband Zebediah Ratton has sung the praises of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg after he was reminded by the website
Govt claims census triumph: ‘we are a proud nation of 4 million people’
The Australian Bureau of Statistics is reeling this morning after its website crashed last night due to an orchestrated attack
Sonia Kruger slams Paralympics as ‘reverse discrimination’
MORNING television host Sonia Kruger has again created outrage, this time suggesting that the 2016 Paralympics are a gross example
Turnbull nominates Abbott for UN Secretary-General
In the wake of his rejection of Kevin Rudd’s bid for the role of UN Secretary General, Prime Minister Malcolm
Obama announces “multi-coloured drone strike spectacular” to mark farewell
President Barack Obama has announced a bold plan to set off several multi-coloured drone strikes in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan later this
WikiLeaks’ latest emails reveal Putin is a misunderstood humanitarian genius
Earlier this week, WikiLeaks rocked the Democratic Party by releasing a trove of embarrassing emails obtained by Russian hackers. Now, the controversial
Bigotry enthusiast takes time off work to prepare for marriage plebiscite
Local man Sam Wallace has taken time off work in preparation for the upcoming marriage equality plebiscite. He told his
Trump promises to unite smoking ruins of America
On the final evening of this year’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, Donald J. Trump accepted his party’s nomination