The Daily Telegraph to trial ‘news’ section
For the first time in its history, The Daily Telegraph has announced it will be trialing a news section, which will
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Socceroos exploring “Eurovision” entry into European Championships
Following Australia’s second-place performance at Eurovision 2016, the Socceroos have announced today that they will follow suit by ignoring qualification
BERLIN, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 13:  Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks to the media with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (not pictured) following talks at the Chancellery on November 13, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. Turnbull is on his first official visit to Europe since recently taking office.  (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
Turnbull struggles to weave ‘Jobs and Growth’ into answer about whether he’s done the washing up yet
Malcolm Turnbull was hit with a speed bump in his election campaign last night after he struggled to place the “Jobs and Growth”
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6 great moments from the Best. Chaser. Quarterly. Ever
The latest issue of The Chaser Quarterly is out today, and the wide consensus is that it’s the Best. Issue.
Calling people ‘un-Australian’ isn’t racist, claims racist
A local racist has claimed that calling people ‘un-Australian’ isn’t racist. Peter Roch – who has a Southern Cross sticker on his
Conroy was tipped off about NBN raid by email, unfortunately had reached data cap
Stephen Conroy was tipped off in an e-mail that the Australian Federal Police (AFP) would be orchestrating a raid on the
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‘Illiterate, innumerate’ refugee can’t decide which job to steal first
An asylum seeker who has just been granted refugee status on Nauru, says he’s licking his lips trying to work
Labor campaign boost: Bill Shorten recognised by voter
There was celebration within the Labor party today as Bill Shorten was recognised by a member of the voting public
Sydney University Changes ‘Arts Degree’ to ‘Arts Receipt’
Sydney University made academic history today, announcing that from next year its prestigious ‘Arts Degree’ will instead be known as an ‘Arts
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Trump unveils foreign policy doctrine: ‘It’s not racist if it’s true’
Donald Trump has announced the guiding doctrine of his foreign policy should he be elected President. In a speech to the
Climate fears: snow machines may become a permanent fixure at Perisher. Even in August.
Turnbull backflips on climate change after reports ski season will be affected
Malcolm Turnbull has announced a radical about-face on climate change following the release of a report that Australia will suffer a
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