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Forgotten Moments in Australian History: The Founding of Canberra
Australia’s capital relocated from Melbourne to Canberra in 1927. But why was it moved? And why Canberra? We reveal the
A note from The Chaser’s Chief Financial Officer (pro tem)
Following the disappearance of The Chaser’s Chief Financial Officer, the following statement was issued in the latest issue of The Chaser
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Jeb Bush Wins Participation Award at Iowa Caucus
Republican delegates in the Iowa’s primary on Monday decided unanimously to award Jeb Bush the coveted Participation Award
John Setka
Union boss charged with using effective negotiating tactics
Union leader John Setka has been caught red-handed using effective negotiating tactics against a large construction company
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University Opens “Blanchett Campus”: Specialising in Everything
Cate Blanchett has unveiled a new university campus catering to the growing need for celebrities to comment on everything
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Man with Muslim-sounding name kills 10 in violent workplace massacre
Another workplace killing has left 10 dead after a brutal drone attack was carried out from the assailant's workplace in Washington
Leaked: Conversation Between ████ and ██████
Chaserleaks can exclusively reveal the contents of a highly confidential email sent between ████████████ and ████████, discussing the illegal ████ ████████ of the █████ ████ in █████████
Canary Islands is a great getaway for your investments
The Chaser’s Guide to Tax Havens
Want to pay the same tax rate as Apple, Google or the PM, but don’t have millions to spend on advisors? Here's how
Contracts That Should Exist: Indigenous Footy Players
We've asked our legal team to come up with a contract between Indigenous Footy Stars and Media Commentators to prevent any future booing controversies
The Chaser Roadtest: Offshoring
This quarter, we look at how The Chaser could benefit from the “disruption” of task-based services such as “Airtasker” in the production of satire
Letters to the Editor, Summer 2015
Our postbox is literally overflowing with adoring messages and packages from fans letting us know how much they love Andrew O'Keefe
Turnbull says parents to blame for not having job at Goldman Sachs
Malcolm Turnbull has said that parents have only themselves to blame if they don’t have a high-paying job in the finance
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