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Dunlop to corner derro beach rat market with new pre-holed Volleys
They are also introducing a limited edition model with bindi-eyes pre attached to the laces
Dad keeping every single key he ever used on key ring
"Every key here is important," said Barry, "I just need to remember what they all do."
Lump of coal now frontrunner for Liberal Party leadership
"He's the most human of all the frontbencher's right now"
Coopers recall bottles featuring bible quotes condemning alcohol
"As Christians it is our duty to selectively follow the teachings of God"
Outrage as White House fails to invite NT News to latest press briefing
It's an attack on freedom, accountability, and people who like to keep up to speed with the latest crocodile news
Commisioner making $10,000 a week pretty sure retail workers have it too easy
I dream that one day I may be able to become a wealthy retail worker, instead of sitting at a desk making a mere $500,000 a year
US responds to Yiannopoulos scandal by canceling book, offering Presidency
"A pervert like Milo deserves only jail or an executive position in government."
White House apologises, says it meant no offence to President Trumble of Austria
"We should thank Australia for the many great gifts it has given the world - from Freud to Beethoven."
Peaceful New York park
Wave of Bowling Green inspired attacks leaves US overrun with peaceful non-events
Sporadic outbreaks of tranquility have forced citizens to casually flee from cafes and food stands after finishing and paying for their meals
Turbull offers Trump $1.75 million to take back phonecall remark
"I can completely understand why he hung up on us after only twenty minutes. International phonecalls are expensive."