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Trump taps Judge Judy to fill Supreme Court vacancy
The news comes as an upset for previous favourite Simon Cowell
Trump Appoints Putin as Secretary of Defense
Critics of the move have stated that they find the choice "a bit unorthodox"
Leonard Cohen Reacts to Trump Election
Millennials have gathered in LA to pay their respects for the man who famously covered Hallelujah
United Nations unanimously votes to just end 2016 right here
The UN has voted in an emergency session to move right on to 2017 "For the sake of humanity, the earth, and our increasingly endangered celebrities."
Hillary Clinton makes heartfelt concession speech – “Fuck you all”
The former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton graciously accepted defeat before vomiting on a car bonnet and falling asleep in the gutter
Trump Grabs Presidency by the Pussy
Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has today shocked the public and media alike by unexpectedly grabbing the Presidency from behind
Mexico Border Swamped By Fleeing Americans
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has today pledged to crack down on the rising tide of illegal immigrants