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“Oh shitty shit fuck”: Turnbull named in Panama Papers
After rolling the dice and deciding to go to an early election, Malcolm Turnbull has expressed concern at being named
Illustration: Jesse Campbell-Brown
Turnbull refuses name specific date of election
Malcolm Turnbull has refused to name the specific number of the day in July that the election will be held,
Scott Morrison regrets paying intern $4 an hour to prepare Federal Budget
Following the lacklustre reaction to the 2016 Budget, Scott Morrison says he now regrets hiring an intern to put it
60 minutes producers have no sympathy for arrested child kidnappers: “They should have known the laws”
The Nine Network has blasted the Child Abduction team that remain in Lebanese custody. A spokesperson said the agency were
Tara Brown pleads ignorance: “I was unaware Lebanon even had laws”
Award winning 60 Minutes journalist Tara Brown has pleaded ignorance regarding a botched child abduction attempt in Beirut. “I’m so
Turnbull launches election campaign: “Fuck fuck fuckity fuck. What the fuck have I done?”
Malcolm Turnbull has vowed to go to a July 2 election in face of plunging support, a divided backbench, and nothing
ABCC legislation is about protecting jobs, says Turnbull: “Especially my own”
Malcolm Turnbull has used the special sitting of parliament to argue that legislation to reinstate the Australian Building and Construction
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Turnbull says sorry: regrets giving impression he ever cared about climate change, gay marriage, education
Malcolm Turnbull has expressed “profound regret” for giving people the impression he ever cared about issues such as marriage equality,
Leaked: The Peter (Dutton) Papers
Peter Dutton says he’s “proud” of last weekend’s announcement that he has removed children from detention centres. However, the evidence suggests otherwise. The following
ChaserBank – Television Commercial
Are you a victim of the Panama Papers leak? Let ChaserBank take those pesky millions off your hands