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Precocious 2nd grader writes memoir of holidays
"Those days come back to me as one," the young dilettante wrote. "One endless day, suffused with laughter and golden light."
Hair gel banned on planes: Il Divo cancels world tour
Pop-opera supergroup Il Divo has been forced to cancel its world tour after the foiled terrorist plot in Britain led
Bogan unaware his ugg boots are fashionable
"These chicks keep coming up to me and say ‘where'd ya get the boots? They're so cool!" said Franklin. "You'd think they'd never been to Lowes."
Earring ruins Doctor’s credibility
"I'd be worried about his ability to make sound judgements with a look so clearly inspired by 90s boybands."
New Iraqi government inaugurated with 21 car bomb salute
The first and last democratic Iraqi government in generations has been formed after months of political wrangling, making the parliament
Beaconsfield miners face media contingent, ask to be buried again
Miners Brant Webb and Todd Russell have asked to be returned to their cage a kilometre underground after facing the
Iran gets nukes: US invades Iraq again
The United States has warned Iran that unless it suspends its uranium enrichment program, there would be severe consequences –
Pope’s Easter message sends goodwill to all except gays, abortionists, Dan Brown
Pope Benedict XI has delivered his first Easter message, following Catholic tradition by issuing a heavily qualified call for peace
Female ad exec brought out to defend sexist ad
Thirty-one-year-old account manager Jana Verkovic has been given a rare public role defending her company, cutting-edge advertising agency Fresh Juice,
Blog abandoned after five entries
"Sorry I've been so slack lately"